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Window Cleaning Big-Spring

Getting your windows cleaned is one of the most important things you can do to improve the appearance of your home or business. Sure, window cleaning does not need a university degree but it certainly has a set of skill required to do the job efficiently, and while you could try to clean them on your own, it’s a job best left for the professionals. Here some of the benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning company Big-Spring for your home or business.

window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Professional Equipment

Professional window cleaners usually have the necessary equipment needed to clean the windows. This includes eco-friendly cleaning solution, squeegees, ladders, extension poles, and much more. They use their unique tools to make sure that your windows are cleaned without leaving smudges or streaks behind. Therefore, if you hire a pro to clean your windows, you won’t have to worry about having all the necessary equipment. These equipment are costly so it will also save you money.

It’s Safer

When you clean your windows yourself, you often have to use a ladder to reach higher spaces. Going to the local rental place for a 40-foot ladder isn’t a safe option as it can present the risk of a falling injury. You can also increase the risk of broken windows. However, if you get your windows professionally cleaned, you won’t have to worry about these risks because pros have the proper equipment and are trained on how to use it.

Saves Time

Window cleaning is a very time consuming process. For the average homeowner, it can take about four to five hours to clean all the windows because he or she has to stop to move the ladder from window to window. Hiring a professional window cleaner gives you the opportunity to focus on other important tasks.


Different types of windows need different cleaning mechanisms. Professional window cleaners have immense knowledge and the experience to clean all types of windows. They also have varying techniques and skills to clean windows quickly and efficiently. Professional window cleaning is generally far more affordable than you might think. Hand the task to pros and you will not regret it.

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Window Washing Big-Spring : 3 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Window Washing Company

An individual should consider many things when hiring a window washing company. An individual should always consider reliability, location, cost and reputation of the service provider. In addition, the most significant factor to consider is compliance with health & safety. Indeed, homeowners are responsible for supervision of window washing at their homes. They have legal responsibilities to ensure that the work is done safely and also in compliance with all the rules and regulations. Therefore, it is paramount for an individual to determine if his or her window cleaning professional meets all rules and regulations and also complies with health & safety legislation before hiring. Below are 3 factors to consider when hiring a window cleaning professional.

window washing

Window Washing Big-Spring

  1. Ask for a Risk Assessment & Method Statement

It is commonly referred to as RAMS. It is one of the essential steps in ensuring that the public and workers are protected. A risk assessment is an evaluation that identifies particular hazards, risks, and potential dangers to the people around. This is important with any workplace, particularly window cleaning. Besides, one should ask for the copies of certificates.

  1. Ask for the Copies of Accreditations

It is crucial to request for a copy of health & safety policy of the company. In case the candidate fails to provide a copy of the policy, then that is not the best service provider to hire.

  1. Ask for Insurance Policy

One should not be afraid to ask if the candidate carries and uses health & safety signage. For sure, there are many risks that are associated with window washing. Therefore, signage should be used so that people are aware of the risks when the work is being done. The above are three factors that an individual should always consider before hiring a window cleaning company. Others include asking for testimonials or references, the reputation of the candidate, and their accountability level.

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Commercial Window Cleaning Big-Spring

Unlike residential window cleaning, commercial window cleaning is complicated and requires a more professional approach in in order to be done well. As a result it is very important to hire a commercial window cleaning company that is reliable. In this article we are going to give you tips on things that you should consider when hiring the service of a professional commercial window cleaning company.

commercial window cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Consider Experience

As mentioned earlier, commercial window cleaning is complicated and requires a professional approach. As a result, it is very important to hire a company that has been in this industry for long. The more experienced the company is, the greater the chances of getting quality services. Experts recommend that you should only hire a commercial window cleaning company that has more than 3 years’ experience if you want to increase your chances of getting quality services.

Consider Reputation

Before you hire the service of a window cleaning service, it is very important to know about the company’s reputation. The best way to know that is by reading customer reviews of past clients. If past clients have given good comments then chances are the company enjoys good reputation from its clients. On the other hand, if past clients have not given good comments regarding the quality of services that the company renders, the chances are that the company does not enjoy good reputation from its clients. Only hire a commercial window cleaning company that enjoy good reputation from its past and present clients.

Consider if the Company Has the Right Cleaning Equipment

Commercial window cleaning service can only be done well if the company has the right window cleaning equipment. Before you hire the service of any window cleaning company, make you that you inquire to know if the company has the right cleaning tools. In addition to that, the company must also have safety gears to protect their staffs as well as other people who will be around when the cleaning is being done.

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Residential Window Cleaning Big-Spring

Considering the dangers that come with cleaning windows, a residential window cleaning company can be resourceful. The type of equipment and tools one needs to get the job done are not easily accessible in a sense that they can be expensive to purchase. And because time is of the essence, one may not necessarily have the time to clean his residential windows.

residential window cleaning

Big-Spring Residential Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is not a one time job since the accumulation of dust is inevitable. The dirt includes pollen and unburnt hydrocarbons, and when you open your windows, these materials enter into your home, and could cause severe illnesses like asthma and various kinds of allergies. It is, therefore, recommendable to have your residential windows cleaned at least once per week. When the windows in a home are dirty, they create a bad image. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to see the accumulated dust from the inside of a house, but passersby and visitors can quickly notice that they are dirty. To avoid such abject humiliations, you can hire a residential window cleaning company to take care of the dirt. The professionals use specialized cleaning supplies to ensure the service they offer is of high quality. The supplies usually consist of highly effective cleaning solutions that clean your windows in detail. Initially, they use some cleaning solution to break down all the non-soluble substances as well as lubricate the surface making it easy to remove the stains. This way, all the dust, finger marks and even grease are effectively removed. A reputable company also applies polish on the glass to protect it from streaks and mist. All you need before hiring a cleaning company is doing your legwork properly. Ask for references from your trusted acquaintances and family members so that you can select the best. An online search for a good window cleaning company also comes in handy. And before you seal any deal with your ideal service provider, learn how they treat their clients, the kind of technology they use, their insurance coverage and any other relevant factors.

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Our Methods for High Rise Window Cleaning Big-Spring

It doesn’t matter how high your building is; we have the skills and equipment to do the job with utmost safety and professionalism. With the understanding that buildings come in different designs and heights, we use various high-rise window cleaning techniques.

Suspended Scaffold

If your building is over five stories high we use this method to clean its windows. We also

high rise window cleaning

High Rise Window Cleaning

use this method when there are harsh chemicals involved. Most of the high rise buildings we clean have staging that we can use to attach the scaffold. Don’t worry if yours doesn’t have a permanent staging; we can install a temporary one and do the job. Using a system comprising of motors and steel cables, we are able to control descent and ascent as we clean the windows.

Aerial Lift

Some areas are non-standard and require the use of an aerial lift, also called aerial boom. This method is safer when the job involves harsh chemicals and screen removal. We may also consider using this technique in case of extreme overhang, poor roof anchors and unstable parapet.

Bosun Chair

This technique comprises of a special chair suspended with ropes from an upper part of the building. There are two ropes-one for the safety of the technician and the second one for working. One of the most important roles of the safety rope is to offer fall protection to the technician. We use the Bosun chair often because it is versatile and safe. High rise window cleaning demands high levels of training, skills, safety standards and attention to detail. Our team knows exactly what needs to be done to restore the sparkling look of your windows. We are specialists in high rise window cleaning and we can do even the most complicated jobs with effectiveness. Contact us today and request for a free estimate.

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Professional Gutter Cleaning Big-Spring

While most home owners want to do household chores on their own gutter cleaning is a task most owners may not be able to do because of the structure’s position. Your home could have roof placed high from the grounds making it hazardous for you to attempt and clean the gutters. To ensure that the gutters are free from damage due to debris professional gutter cleaning is what you will need.

Gutter Cleaning

Professional Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters does not just involve having a ladder and a brush to sweep out the debris. There are professional tools specifically designed for keeping the roof gutters clean. Vacuuming is the ideal solution for cleaning this part of the roof. To effectively get rid of all dry matters on the gutter, an industrial vacuum cleaning machine is needed. It will be expensive for a homeowner to buy such when you can just seek the service since it can be done on monthly/annually basis depending on where you live. One of the reasons NOT to use ordinary vacuums with less horsepower to clean the gutters is that they can be overwhelmed by the task. This can cause it to clog. By hiring gutter cleaning professionals they can use a special suction tool called a snorkel. This is a tool which has suction at its end and a handle by which a camera is attached. The cleaner will then stand at the ground while viewing the entire gutters and get rid of the debris such as dry leaves. There are other tools too that can be used depending on the type of gutter and the debris inside. Why should you bother about all these when there are professionals who can take care of that? It is about that time you should make a call or send an email today.

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Pressure Washing Big-Spring

After a long period, the outside of every building, whether they are the private residence or commercial spaces, will become dirty. Therefore, the perfect way to give your building a thorough cleaning is by using a pressure washer. Professional pressure washers can easily remove away the debris and dirt from your building thus leaving it appearing as good as new. In addition, it is very important to hire qualified pressure washer services near you rather than trying to do it yourself. The following are the major factors that you must consider when hiring a pressure washing contractor:

The Size of your Property

How big or small is your building? If you have a small building, then one skilled washing expert can be able to clean it easily using a single pressure washer. On the other hand, if you have a larger apartment, office plazas, and houses, hiring two or more professional will work best for you. This is because one or more workers will work on different parts of your property and building simultaneously.

pressure cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

The Type Landscaping

The essential form of pressure washing mainly involves spraying every surface to be cleaned with a high-pressure flow of water. Nevertheless, contractors may have to add some cleaning products to remove more stubborn dirt stains. Also, it is good to ensure that they use green, eco-friendly detergents, mainly if you have a garden, lawn, or other vegetation as landscaping feature. This is because harsh chemical might harm your garden and grass along with posing a healthy threat to pets and kids.

The Other Services you Need

When having an outdoor cleaning, also,it is very vital to schedule a window washing and gutter cleaning as well. A perfect contractor can offer these services using the pressure washer for you, but he or she should use the right low-pressure setting.

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Benefits of Power Washing Big-Spring

Power washing is a technique that allows you to apply a strong force of water pressure in a surface in order to clean it. It is a technique that is commonly used on outdoor cleaning such as sidewalk and window cleaning. There are a number of benefits of using power washing especially when cleaning windows, some if those benefits are:

  1. Ease of Cleaning.

In normal window cleaning, you will have to scrub the surface in order to loosen and

power washing

Power Washing Big-Spring

remove debris. This process is not only time consuming but it is also very dangerous. However, that is not the case with power washing. This technique actually allows you to stand upright and simply force water to the window. It is also very easy to set up power washing. All that you have you have to do is to connect a water source to the unit and turn it on.
  1. Environmentally Friendly

In addition to making your window cleaning process easier, power washing is also environmental friendly because you don’t necessarily have to use cleaning solutions in order to get the job done unless your windows needs a special care. The force of water that is usually emitted by power washing is enough to remove even the most stubborn dirt that have accumulated on the window. This means that toxic solutions that are usually present when using other window cleaning techniques will not run down to your drain ,a factor that will help to reduce toxin in the environment. Although cleaning your windows using this technique is easy, experts recommend that you should always hire the services of a professional window cleaning company. A power washer in the hands of a novice can be quite dangerous because you are actually dealing with high pressure water that can easily injure you if you are not careful. In addition to that, this machine can easily damage your home’s siding if you are not well trained to use it.

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Window Cleaning Prices Big-Spring

Window cleaning is one of those cleaning chores that you would rather not deal with because it actually takes time to yield good result, it is complicated and in some instances, it can be very dangerous. However, although the task of window cleaning is time consuming and laborious, the fact is windows cannot be left unattended. So, are you considering to hire the services of a window cleaning company to clean your commercial or residential windows but you are concerned about their cleaning prices? If yes then it is very important to note that window cleaning prices do vary depending on various factors as discussed below.

window cleaning prices

Window Cleaning Prices Big-Spring

  1. Type of Window Being Cleaned

Window cleaning prices vary depending on the type of window that is been cleaned. There are many different types of windows. They include double hung, fanlight, transom, slider sidelight and fixed. Each window is different on how it actually need to be cleaned. There are some that takes less time to be cleaned and while there are others that takes more time to be cleaned. For instance, slide windows takes more time to be cleaned when compared to cleaning fixed windows.

  1. Professionalism of the Cleaning Company

Many window cleaning companies do charge different window cleaning prices depending on the level of experience. For instance, companies that are better equipped and are more experienced in both commercial and residential window cleaning services do charge higher price as compared to those that are not well equipped and also not well experienced. If you choose a company that is experienced and has all necessary window cleaning equipment, you must be prepared to pay more as compared to choosing a company that is not well experienced and does not have crucial window cleaning tools.

  1. The Level of Risk Involved

If the level of risk involved in window cleaning is high, then you must be prepared to pay more as compared to cleaning windows that involved less risk.

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